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Illinois has a multifaceted budget problem.  Pension maintenance and management debacles are one of the primary causes of our current budget deficit problems.  Our pension funds have been underfunded and our pension management and investments have not been performing which has created a continuing and growing pension deficit. When one cannot pay bills and manage their expenses, the … Continue reading ON PENSION SECURITY & REFORM

Progressive Income Tax Is Not A Simple Legislative Solution

Candidates are touting a progressive income tax as a solution to our budgetary crisis. This policy proposal misses the important point that Illinois voters must decide on the issue in the form of a proposed constitutional amendment before the Illinois legislature can pursue any such changes. Article IX of the Illinois Constitution is entitled "Revenue" and … Continue reading Progressive Income Tax Is Not A Simple Legislative Solution

Lessons From Becoming An Eagle Scout

I am an Eagle Scout. That process instilled in me valuable lessons that continue to guide me, including strong and disciplined work ethic, and dedication to our community, our nation, and our world.   To become an Eagle Scout, one must follow the scout law and the scout oath (https://www.scouting.org/discover/faq/question10/), obtain a certain amount of merit … Continue reading Lessons From Becoming An Eagle Scout

Illinois Needs Terms Limits, Either By Rule Or By Voice

Increasingly, concerned Illinoisans are recognizing the need for a form of term limits.  We've seen that career politicians suffer from tunnel vision and provide stale leadership that loses focus on the constituency, eroding both the quality of our state, its government, and overall public trust.  Term limits would work to solve those problems by limiting service … Continue reading Illinois Needs Terms Limits, Either By Rule Or By Voice