Sights on Springfield

Thanks for stopping by my campaign page. I’m currently running for a seat in the Illinois Senate, representing the 8th Legislative District.

I have lived in the 8th District nearly my entire life. This community molded me. I spent my earlier my days roaming the halls of Queen of All Saints, playing football games in Proesel Park, and working with Boy Scout Troop 834 — even earning the rank of Eagle Scout. The Merit Badge collection is available for viewing upon request, but I’d rather not discuss my performance in the pinewood derbies.

Eventually, I ventured south to Champaign-Urbana where I earned my undergraduate degree. I earned a J.D. from the John Marshall Law School and am currently practicing law.

Our community exudes an unparalleled mix of hard-work and dignity. I’ve seen it first hand and like to think it’s ingrained in me as well. I hope to take these qualities to Springfield and represent everyone’s interests fairly and appropriately.

I am running on a platform of common sense and common courtesy to everyone.  This is a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. While Springfield has strayed from this fundamental principle, it’s not lost. It’s common sense to write laws good laws — laws that everyone can understand (both in purpose and function) and that courts uphold. And it’s common sense that one acting on behalf of the community should treat others with the utmost of respect, both through effect of legislation and one’s individual actions.

I hope to be your senator and lead the charge to a better Illinois–a state in which people want to live. My only affiliation is to the individuals in this District. That’s who will control my voice if lucky enough to serve as you. I will work hard to pass legislation to harness funds in our state and invest in ourselves to invigorate an economy that increases our standard of living. I will not agree to pass legislation that brings court challenges and unneeded expenses. I will fight to reduce the traffic cameras ticketing program when they are not in a position to protect people and promote safety. I will fight any law that clearly uses the concept of community health and safety as a guise to dig deeper into our pockets. I will work with the members of the General Assembly no matter what party affiliation to pass laws with common sense and common courtesy in mind for all.

Thank you.

-David Zulkey

Candidate for Illinois State Senate, 8th Legislative District


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